Other Specific Learning Difficulties
The Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association is now an affiliate of Amazon. If you buy your books through any of the links on this page, and elsewhere on this website, you’ll get the items you want and you’ll be helping the Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association raise valuable and much needed funds at the same time.
“Caged in Chaos” by Victoria Briggs

A dyspraxic guide to breaking free. Enlightening and easy read






“Living with Dyspraxia” by Mary Colley

Includes case studies, screening questionnaire, practical advice.


“Unscrambling Spelling” by Robin Miller and Cynthia Klein

A spelling programme to work on with a tutor.

“Mathematics for Dyslexics, including dyscalculia” by Steve Chinn and Richard Ashcroft

A detailed teaching guide

“Dealing with Dyscalculia” by Steve Chinn


  “Sum Hope – Breaking the Numbers Barrier” by Steve Chinn

Aimed at everyone who has difficulties with maths. Very practical and accessible.