Educational Resources by Lidia Stanton

Tricky Spellings in Cartoons for Children (Part 1)

A delightful collection of witty and easy to remember visual hints (mnemonics) to help the child recall tricky spellings, including exceptions and homophones. 264 high- and medium-frequency words that appear in KS1 and KS2 curricula are associated with over 160 creative spelling clues. Ages 5-11.

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Which way?: Letter and Digit Reversals Workbook

A workbook with practical and long-term memory tricks to remind the child ‘which way’ to write a letter or digit, e.g. b/d, p/g/q, 9/g, 6/9. s/z, 5/S, S/3, etc. It adopts a complementary approach to traditional letter formation teaching. Particularly useful for children with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Ages 4-9.

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200 Tricky Spellings in Cartoons

A spelling book that brings situational humour to 200 tricky words anyone can learn in an intelligent and virtually effortless way. A practical reference manual; black-and-white cartoons can be photocopied to create personalised spelling artwork. Recommended ages 12 – adult. Younger children may require assistance.

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