Adults and Students
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“Making Dyslexia Work for you” by Vicki Goodwin and Bonita Thompson

Written for dyslexic adults or anyone who thinks they might be dyslexic, this bold and imagniative book is deliberately concise. It contains:

  • Toolboxes of ideas for reading, writing, organisation, etc.
  • Strategies developed with dyslexic people and a guide to the nature of dyslexia.

Included with the book is a CD-ROM that:

  • Provides the complete text as PDF files, downloadable resources and links to relevant websites.


“Dyslexia: How to Survive and succeed at Work” by Sylvia Moody

Practical self help manual for dyslexic workers and guidance for employers.





“Demystifying Dyslexia” by Marysia Krupska and Cynthia Klein

Raising awareness and developing support for dyslexic young people and adults.

“Dyslexia: How would I cope?” by Michael Ryden

This gives an insight into the difficulties and frustrations experienced by people with dyslexia.

“The Gift of Dyslexia” by Ronald D. Davis

Dyslexic-friendly book outlining step-by-step techniques for visualisation and multi-sensory teaching, written by a dyslexia author.

“That’s the way I think: Dyslexia and Dyspraxia explained” by David Grant

Background information and explanations.

“Study Skills” by Christine Ostler

A pupil’s Survival Guide.

“Advanced Study Skills” by Christine Ostler & Francis Ward

A Student’s Survival Guide for AS and A2 level.

“Dyslexia: A teenagers’ Guide” by Aylvia Moody