The NDA was started in 1985 by a small group of concerned parents who wanted to help dyslexic children and support them and their families. Since then the association has widened its brief to include adult dyslexics and to campaign for greater understanding and awareness of dyslexia amongst the general public and professionals.


Our Vision

Our vision is of a dyslexia friendly society that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential.

Funding and the NDA

The Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association is a registered charity and has no regular income and we are dependent on subscriptions, fundraising and grant funding.


Please join and give us your support – you will receive a regular newsletter with information about local events and the British Dyslexia Association’s Contact magazine. Membership is open to everyone including, parents, children and young people, adults, teachers, other professionals, schools, colleges, education and training providers, organisations, statutory bodies and businesses etc.

Our Aim

Our aim is to support the needs of dyslexic children and young people in education and adults in the workplace. To achieve this, we raise public and professional awareness of dyslexia and campaign for appropriate provision for dyslexics in local schools and colleges and appropriate support in the employment sector.

What we Do

We offer advice and guidance to dyslexic people, family and friends. We provide:

  • Information and advice through our confidential helpline,
  • Information sheets on a wide range of topics to do with dyslexia.
  • Local specialist Assessor and Tutor Directory
  • Support for Parent Groups
  • Training workshops for those working in, the statutory or voluntary sector, in business, and those in education or employment services.
  • Talks and workshops on a wide variety of issues to do with dyslexia.
  • Workplace needs assessments to identify reasonable adjustments for dyslexic employees.

To contact us:


Helpline (answer phone only) 01604 328 075

Direct dial 01327 703626


 Email (copy and paste into your browser)

We aim to respond  within 48 hours