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  • The Green Paper on Employment and Disability
  • Updates from DAN
  • The Westminster AchieveAbility Commission on Recruitment and Dyslexia/ND
  • Resources on Adult Dyslexia
  • Identifying Learning Disabilities & Learning Difficulties in prisons
  • Partnership Working

“Self Fulfilment with Dyslexia; a blueprint to success” has been published today and is available in all major bookshops and on Amazon. The book is based on the ten characteristics that underpin success for adults with dyslexia.

Margaret Malpas, the author and our Joint Chair, said “I know school can be really hard for many dyslexic children but then you meet so many adults who have amazing life stories, where they have got beyond the ordeals suffered in childhood and achieved so much. I wanted to find out what led to their success so others could copy it. The book has life stories from some incredibly inspirational people. It is also a “how to” so anyone can learn to develop these success qualities from the book. All royalties have been donated to the BDA.